I've been Scrapping!

So, it's been a while since I posted any scrapping related stuff...okay, scrap that...unless you were following me from way back, you won't have seen any! Because I revamped this little blog and hid all the old posts (hehehe...evil laugh), so I thought I would just quickly pop up a few of my more recent LO's :)

"Tiny Obsession"

Try standing on these suckers in the middle of the night...it's like lego...painful!

"Lovely Little Ladybug"

These photo's are a bit old...I'm playing catch ups!


 "Queen Of Faces"

Seriously, this girl can pull some crazy faces...then again, so can her sister...then again, so can I!

"Stop the Clock!"

I did this one this morning...I want the clock to stop...since when were my baby girls so grown up!!! Photo courtesy of my Mum, Shirley...Love this pic :) I actually had it printed massive, but now I can't find a frame for it lol.


This last one of the hubby and me was one I did specifically for the Hip Kit Club Design Team Call...it was a last minute decision to enter...the cut off was tonight (or tomorrow sometime here in Aus), but I thought, why not...so, fingers crossed ;)

In other news, I'm still fighting with my slooooooowwwww internet connection...but hopefully soon I will have more video's up on my Youtube channel...process videos and the like :)

Anyway, catch you on the flip side!

Much love


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